Your patients,
at the wheel of
their medical file

Mova© goes all out for continuity of care.
As a healthcare provider, you know better than anyone that it is a basic right of every patient to have control over their medical data.

A patient who knows and understands his medical file better, can take better care of his health and that of his family members. Thanks to mova©, your patient always has his medical file securely in his pocket and thus receives the care he needs everywhere

With mova©, continuity of care is key and we go for qualitative and efficient healthcare.

How mova© can support your patient

mova© consult

Do you rarely have the time to explain everything in detail to your patient in understandable language? Understandable, but also a missed opportunity. Because a patient who understands his medical file can take better care of his health, both preventively and curatively. Thanks to mova, your patient is always correctly informed and can take a more active role in caring for his health or that of his family members. Because mova© also makes the medical file accessible for caregivers, anytime and anywhere.

Is your patient moving to another location in Belgium, or are you about to retire and do you want to give your patients the opportunity to take their medical file with them? That is possible, with mova©!

mova© travel

Patients with travel plans, they are plentiful. In addition to a medical check-up, the necessary vaccinations and a travel pharmacy, it is advisable for your patient to take his medical file with him when he travels. Chronic patient or in perfect health? With mova©, your patient is prepared for any mishap and can travel with peace of mind.

Thanks to mova©, you can be sure that your patient gets the care he needs everywhere.

mova© relocate

Is your patient moving abroad temporarily or permanently? Until recently, the medical file of a patient was left behind at the GP. The only thing you could do as a doctor was to print everything out and give it to them on paper. This is not efficient. Because that way, the doctor has to retype everything at their new destination. Time-consuming with a high risk of errors!

Thanks to mova©, your patient’s medical file and that of his/her family move with him to the new destination and all data recorded by the doctor in coded form can be fully integrated into the patient software of the new GP. This way, your patient is also in good hands abroad.

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