Your medical record within reach via a secured stick.

Mova© makes your health go digital: 1 stick, 3 applications. That’s all you need to take control of your own health.

Mova© makes your medical records accessible. Why? That’s easy! Your medical health record is the cornerstone of quality care and on top of that it is a basic right of every patient to have control over his own medical data.

The movastick stands for a complete and up-to-date medical record. Whether you want to view your file, take it with you when you travel in the language of your destination or intend to integrate it into your new GP’s patient software, the movastick makes it work. You can give access to your electronic medical file to whomever, whenever and wherever you want in order to always get the required medical care for you and your family (valid for 3 years).

mova©, your health in pocket size!

mova© consult
For those who want to keep a keen eye on their medical record

Does it sound Greek to you when your physician throws medical terms left and right beyond your understanding?  Do you wish to better understand the little details mentioned on your medical files or simply want to check if the information is correct and up-to-date?

Mova© gives you an insight in your medical record, translates all the medical terms in your mother tongue and one other language of your preference. Medical records determine the medical treatment you receive. It is therefore of utmost importance to know and understand your medical situation in order to take care of your own health and that of your family.

mova© travel
For those who want to hit the road

Do you go off the beaten track or hustle and bustle? Do you live out of a suitcase or travel light? Are you thirsty for adventure and see the world as your oyster? Simply packing your clothes and medicines would not suffice (evt be enough). Be wise and carry your medical records everywhere you go, despite being in perfect health, because bad luck tends to strike unannounced.

With movastick, the world is at your feet and you can take your medical records and those of your loved ones with you wherever you go, in the language of your destination. If you’re on the move with mova©, you can assure to get the care you need in every situation. So take a deep breath, you are about to embark a hustle free journey.

mova© relocate

For those who want to try their luck elsewhere

Planning to move abroad? Giving your luck a swirl in a foreign country? You most probably know that relocating can be hectic, especially when it comes down to staying permits, visa’s, taxes and social security. But what about your medical files?! Can they move along? If so, how? Until recently, your medical files stayed behind with your physician but today the movastick makes it possible to do so!

Mova© moves your medical record to your new destination, within Europe, from your old physician to your new one. All you need is a secured smart stick that can import your medical records in the patient software of your new physician.

Medical records on the go
in 5 easy steps

Step 1
Order the movastick online. After receiving the stick, make an appointment with your doctor.
Step 2
Bring your phone and movastick with you. Give the movastick to your doctor. The GP plugs the movastick into his computer.
Step 3
The GP exports the medical file in PMF format (Patient Migration Format).
Step 4
The doctor unlocks the stick using the SMS code that you receive as a patient. The doctor can now put the medical file on the stick in PMF-format.
Step 5
The doctor locks the stick again and hands it back to you. That’s it!

The mova© team

We are determined to provide a secured and trusted platform which enables the transfer of your medical data. Giving you access to your own medical records with mova© gives you a keen understanding of your medical background, which is the foundation of quality medical care.

In this, we are assisted by an advisory board consisting of 3 power women from the Belgian healthcare sector: Maggie De Block, Marleen Finoulst and Emily Verté. As patient rights advocates, they assist us with advice on the way forward and give positive but critical feedback to make sure that mova© advances both patient and healthcare provider.

Your medical records are decisive for the quality of medical care you receive and thus for your health.
Johan Uvin
Being in control of your (own) medical information is the basic right of every patient.
Vincent Dupont

Why a crypto stick
is the safest choice?

Always accessible and easy to reach. The stick is compact and portable, fits in every pocket or travels along on your keychain.
Your personal medical data is secured at all times, no chance for hackers!
Supported by medical experts. Verified by Absym/ION Nederland.
Extra secured access via Multifactor Authentification (MFA) with SMS verification.
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