Give your people
medical peace of mind
across borders.

Quality of life in your business
Is a healthy work environment a key issue for your company too?

Do you want to invest in the health of your employees because you know only too well that happy and healthy employees are the best ambassadors for your company?

It has been proven more than once that well-being at work promotes productivity, so optimise your salary package now with these extralegal benefits from mova©. Because quality of life is essential for motivating your employees.

Supplementary hospitalisation insurance

Your employees can access their medical records anywhere in the world.

Would you like to supplement hospitalisation insurance by giving your employees access to their medical records, both at home and when travelling? Do your employees often travel back and forth between international locations? Or do you often work with expats who move abroad with their entire family, temporarily or permanently?

Go for continuity of care. Because with their medical records in your pocket, you can be sure that your employees (and their families) get the care they need, anytime, anywhere.

How mova© can support your employees

mova© consultation
For employees who want to consult their medical file, wherever they are.

Mova© gives them access to their medical file and converts medical jargon into understandable language, in their mother tongue and one language of their choice.

mova© travel
For employees who travel frequently or stay abroad.

With mova© they can take their medical records and those of their family members with them wherever they go, in the language of their destination.

mova© relocation
For employees or expats moving abroad.

With mova©, your employee takes his medical file (and that of his family) with him to his new destination where the new GP imports the file into his patient software.

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us.

We tailor our mova solutions precisely to the needs of your employees and are happy to make a proposal tailored to your company.

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